Sunday, 11 March 2012

i'm just an ordinary woman...

I'm just an ordinary woman with full of weakness..
trying always to remember Allah & Rasulullah with zikir & selawat all the time, but love 'dunya' more
trying always to read love letter, AlQuran everyday, but love internet & fb all the time
trying always to be a book worm, but so lazy to read book
trying always to be good in heart, but always think bad to people
trying always to learn English in heart, but love Malay more
trying to be focus all the time, but always fail even in solat
trying very best to be a good cooker, but never cook food even simple dish
trying to be discipline with time, but always waste time to useless thing
trying always to be more patience, but always fail
trying always to avoid 'mengumpat', but like to talk so much about people

Phewww!!!i'm just an ordinary woman with full of weakness. It's not easy to fight it. Really, it's not easy to fight it. But i think, if i still have feeling to change & never give up, i still have chance to be better Muslimah. Amin!!!

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