Friday, 30 December 2011

PB corset....

In this few days, I really 'pening' with the corset promotion at fb. I think, nearly 10 of my fb's friends are PB corset agent including Enin. All write the benefit to sell PB corset via internet. All gain high bonus, more than their monthly salary. Ada yang siap2 resign kerja sekarang & be fully time to sell PB corset. Yelah, the income is higher than salary, so what for to work 8 hours per day with the low income kan?? Besides that, they also can visit oversea with fully sponsored & can shopping branded original thing there.

Ohh memang la i jealous. I also wanna have high income. Really, i want to have high income. Nak shopping, beli rumah, beli buku, beli kereta, beli emas, beli ntah apa2 nafsu lagi kan. But, i dont like the kind of business. MLM!!!Sungguh kena cari orang & i'm not motivated by it.

Kenapa sampai sekarang still tak tahu apa nak buat? Ya Allah, give me guidance. Tak tahu what is the best to me. Sungguh la i always late than others. But better late than never kan!!!how to know what's the best for me????

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