Thursday, 15 December 2011


I'm so confuse with myself, why I don't have dream...I mean what career I wanna, i really confuse. In my imagination, I wanna work at the place that will pay me high income, with lot of job, but still have time for Allah, myself & my family. I mean, I don't have to stay at office late at night & will so tired when back home until I don't have time to recite AlQuran, to read books, to surf net, to watch TV & etc. From my career, I also want to improve my knowledge & English & have opportunity to visit oversea...I think that dream will never come true. Ada ke workplace yang macam ni????That's why i'm very confuse of myself. & untill now, I don't have any idea....Serious, I'm worried about my CPD hour...Ohh CPD hour, what should I do????????

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